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Happy customers are good for business... and great service makes happy customers - so here's our man and van | FAQ


Its only natural to have questions about our man and van service and we hope you find all the answers below for you to make an informed choice about the man and van service you require


Q: Can I travel in the emtee van?

A: Yes, one person can travel with the driver in the man and van, just let the office know and we will make sure we keep a seat for you in our well maintained man and van service.

Q: Why do I have to pay upfront?

A: We take a payment upfront so that we can guarantee your man and van service and guarantee your man and van. Once you have paid the man and van is booked out to you and nobody else can book that man and van for the time that you have requested. It is our way of ensuring that you get the service that you require. 

Q: If I have paid can I get a full refund?

A: Certainly. All that we ask is that you request your refund 48 hours before the appointment time for a full refund - No questions asked.

Q: If I have too much stuff, can I make a second trip?

A: This answer is not a easy as it looks. If our man and van is not booked out with another customer after your appointment, then yes we can although an additional payment will be required if it goes over your booked time. However if the man and van is booked elsewhere, then we will not be able to authorise a second trip. We strongly recommend booking a man and van that will adequately suit your needs.

Q: Do you have man and van insurance?

A: Oh yes, that goes without saying. We have public liability insurance up to £1,000,000 whilst we are in your property, and also goods in transit insurance up to £10,000 for the period your goods are on our van.

Q: What areas will you pick up from?

A: Our man and van service covers all of London, and the surrounding Home Counties. We will deliver your goods anywhere in the U.K

Q: Do you charge for coming to me?

A: No. Our man and van clock starts when we knock on your door.

Q: Is VAT inclusive in your price.

A: No we do not attract VAT.

Q: Are there any hidden charges?

A: No. Our man and van service is charged on the information that you have supplied, although we will add the congestion charge if we have to enter the zone. Also any parking charges for parking outside the pick up or the delivery address.

Q: How can I be sure that you will turn up?

A: We have never failed a customer and we will not fail you. Like I mentioned before once you have paid the man and van service is booked out to you and only you.

Q: What is a student move?

A: Student moves are generally conducted in our Transit Connect small vans as students generally do not have furniture, only bags and boxes. That's why we can offer a man and van service from only £20 per hour.

Q: Why can't I book a man and van for tomorrow?

A: To book a man and van for tomorrow, you will need to call our office to check availability as this is called a short notice booking.

Q: Can you supply a man and van today?

A: Possibly, but you will need to call our office to check availability of our man and van service.

Q: Do you provide a packing service?

A: Not at the moment, but we are working on this.

Q: Why won't my postcode work?

A: Could be for a number of reasons, you may live on a new build, you may be outside of our pick up locations or we may need to update our system, but whatever the reason please call our office so we can address the issue and get a man and van service that suits you and your needs.

Q: How do I know what size of van to book?

A: Firstly please refer to our van descriptions that can be found on our Home Page but as a rough guide small van small job, medium van, for items like sofas and fridges, and a large van for just about anything else.

Q: What happens if I do not book enough time?

A: Please seek the advice of the driver but a further immediate payment will be required, payable in cash to the driver, or an online payment direct to our office.

Q: Is there anything else I need to know?

A: No that is it, go ahead and book your emtee van now - we have a man and van waiting just for you..!


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